Talma Borgh

    • Fuel Type Natural Gas
    • Application Retirement home
    • kW Production 140 kW
    • Location Apeldoorn, Netherlands

    About This Project

    To achieve long term cost savings, the retirement home Talma Borgh decided to install a highly efficient CHP power plant. The project was realized in cooperation with with the dutch subcontractor EKOB Energy BV. Because the tight spaces within the building made an integration into the basement impossible, an alternative location had to be found. In a spectacular process, the the CHP unit was lifted onto the roof of the 50 feet high building.

    The container includes a 2G patruus 140 that is powered by natural gas. Because of its aspirated engine, the unit reaches an extremely high thermal efficiency of 47,9% with a thermal power output of 207 kW and an electrical output of 140kW. This way the CHP makes a highly efficient contribution to the Heat supply in the senior residence Taalma Borgh.


    Additional Details

    • Total Electrical Power
    • Module
      patruus 140
    • Configuration
      Container Module, Rooftop Installation
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