Gas to Power Engine Line

    Introducing the answer to your customers' needs who have been asking for emergency backup power but don't have a thermal need. 


    agenitor 412-avus 500plus-1
    Evolution in Efficiency
    Gas to Power Units 285 to 1,250 kW

    Our various system options can provide high-quality on-site power generation while maximizing your savings opportunities. These systems are available for all sectors, including manufacturing, remote areas, data centers, greenhouses, etc. 

    The 2G lineup ranges from 285 kW - 1,000 kW.

    Peaker options are available from 700 kW - 1,250 kW. 

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    Technical Details

    Gas to Power

    Continuous Operation
      Electrical electrical
    avus 500 plus 550 kW 40.6 %
    avus 1000 plus 1,000 kW 42.3 %
    agenitor 408 360 kW 40.9 %
      Electrical Electrical
    avus 500 plus 700 kW 40.2 %
    avus 1000 plus 1,250 kW 41.4 %

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