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    2G Service Contracts

    With a service contract, you are prepared for any maintenance and repair work that may be needed. This includes the spare parts required included in the flat rate, giving you full cost control.

    Premium Service Contract

    All servicing and maintenance are at a fixed price. The Premium Service Contract guarantees you absolute certainty with regards to planning and expenses.


    What other solutions does 2G offer?

    As a Full-Service provider, we always keep tabs on everything that matters to you. Our products and services originate from a single source and are therefore seamlessly integrated, saving you time and money. At the end of the day, this leads to a uniquely low total cost of ownership.

    Intelligent Malfunction Prediction

    I.R.I.S. - Built in Resiliency

    I.R.I.S. is the intelligent malfunction prediction system pioneered by 2G. Every week, more than 400 million sensor readings are transmitted by systems installed worldwide to be analyzed by our service department through a fully automated process. Based on this analysis, the system detects and reports irregularities BEFORE they occur.

    Consequently, our team can initiate the measures required to sustain the operation of the CHP.

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    Digital All-in-One Solution

    Your Digital Toolbox - MY.2-G.COM


    Plant Manager

    Current performance data essential parameters, such as operating hours, outputs, temperatures, and status reports enable an overview at a glance. Keep an eye on your plant and ensure uptimes. 


    Project Documents

    In the “Project Documents” section, you can view and download all records and documents that were created throughout the system's service life with nothing but a few clicks.


    Technical Data

    The pertinent technical specifications, interface drawings, declarations of conformity, and P&I diagrams to operate the systems can be purposefully accessed online via this tool.



    The control unit can be accessed on a terminal device via an encrypted connection. Therefore, all functions available at the site of the system are also available in real time at any other location.

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    Claims Manager

    This tool serves as platform for the communication between 2G and the certified partner. The objective is to make it as easy and transparent as possible to settle warranty claims.


    Parts Catalog

    This catalog contains current views of systems and product pictures of various individual components. Thanks to the interactive search function, it is guaranteed that the spare parts are correctly identified.


    Service Planner

    This planner creates the ideal link between the 2G Service team and the certified service providers or rather service partners. It guarantees the transparent and safe allocation of the service technicians.

    Training_dark blue


    In this tool, the "Training" section contains the platform to schedule and book both operator and service training classes, so you can stay up to date with your systems needs and updates.

    Service Advantages


    Interface Compatibility

    All physical and digital components of your CHP solution originate from a single source


    Increased Up-Time

    Our intelligent machine surveillance systems recognize irregularities in the operation before they manifest, preventing unscheduled downtime


    Innovative Technology

    As the sector's leader in technology, 2G offers you innovations that define the advances in upcoming technology


    Operator Friendly 

    You can rely on the smooth operation of your CHP in good conscience – we take care of the rest

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    Low Maintenance Cost

    Remote maintenance and Predictive Maintenance reduce and minimize the expenses