Industrial energy consumers greatly benefit from operating natural gas CHP  systems, similar to those used in commercial settings. Natural gas may be used to generate electricity needed in a particular industrial setting. The excess heat produced from this process can be harnessed to fulfill other industrial applications, including space heating, water heating, complementing industrial boilers, or generating steam.

    Benefits of CHP for Industry:

    • Stable power supply
    • Reduced energy costs
    • Decreased environmental impact
    • Increased Reliability
    • Provided Stability

    Save Money

    Save Money.

    Increase Reliability

    Increase Reliability.

    Be Sustainable

    Be Sustainable.

    Case Studies

    Hair Shutters

    O'Hair Shutters - Lubbock, Texas

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    O’Hair decided to install combined heat and power (CHP) to reduce its high electricity costs. The plant experienced a 24 percent rate increase from its utility in one year and expected prices to continue to rise. With success of its first CHP system in 2011, O’Hair installed two additional CHP systems in 2013.

    “We can generate electricity at less than half the price that of what the utility charges,” said Drew Tucker, P.E., O’Hair’s Director of Engineering. Since installation, O’Hair has saved more than $40,000 per month on combined utility costs
    (electric and natural gas).   

    Magna International

    Magna International - St. Thomas, Ontario, Canada

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    MAGNA Industries benefits from the integrated and fully containerized 800 kW CHP system. The natural gas fueled CHP system  provides clean electricity and thermal energy to FORMET Industries, a manufacturer of truck frame assemblies using hydro-forming technology in Ontario, Canada.

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