One of the biggest challenges for the pharmaceutical industry is implementing highly-reliable energy solutions at their research and manufacturing facilities that not only support sustainability goals, but also improve competitiveness by reducing costs, reducing energy price volatility, and providing other value-added benefits to the manufacturing process. This is where CHP comes in. CHP plants produce both electricity and thermal energy simultaneously, which can be used for heating, cooling, and for the production of high-pressure, process steam.  CHP technology is currently experiencing a revival in pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities because of the operational benefits it can provide, as well as its mitigation of energy price volatility and greenhouse gas emissions.

    Benefits of CHP in pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities include:

    • operational benefits
    • mitigation of energy price volatility
    • reduction of greenhouse gas emissions
    • increase in reliability and sustainability of operations
    Save Money

    Save Money.

    Increase Reliability

    Increase Reliability.

    Be Sustainable

    Be Sustainable.

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