Maria Hilf Hospital

    • Fuel Type Biogas
    • Application Hospital
    • kW Production 400 kW
    • Location Stadtlohn, Germany

    About This Project

    The Maria Hilf Hospital in Stadtlohn Germany, benefits from its close proximity to a nearby biogas plant that supplies electricity and heat, generated by a 2G Combined Heat and Power System, to the hospital.

    While a small CHP is installed at the site of the digester, an agenitor 212, rated at 400kW is installed directly at the hospital's site which is about 1 mile away. This so called "Satellite CHP" ensures an optimal heat supply onsite.

    A challenge in the planning process of the project, was the centrally located city site and the existing infrastructure. Both acoustic emissions and appearance of the unit played a central role in the complicated planning process. While the sound attenuation requirements were easily met by 2G concrete enclosure container, the integration of CHP to fit aesthetical requirements needed some creativity.  A solution was found by integrating the unit into a parking garage of the hospital. A crane lifted the CHP onto the upper deck and a custom paint job matched it perfectly to its environment.

    This is another project that shows 2G's capabilities as a solution provider to meet all requirements in special projects.


    Additional Details

    • Total Electrical Efficiency
    • Module
    • Configuration
      Container with concrete enclosure
    • Extras
      Custom Paint
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