West End Community Centre (WECC)

    • Fuel Type Natural Gas
    • Application Community Swimming Pool
    • kW Production 400 kW
    • Location South Guelph, Ontario, Canada

    About This Project

    A recent example of smart CHP is the West End Community Centre (WECC) in Guelph, Ontario. WECC recently completed the installation of a 2G patruus 400 CHP system, rated 400kW/h. The West End Community Centre (WECC) is a modern, fully accessible, multi-purpose community center that has a full range of facilities from a large public swimming pool, an NHL sized twin-pad arena, a large gymnasium, community meeting rooms, cafeteria and a library that complements the facility. The advanced 2G CHP system provides power and heating to the community center, significantly improving the building's energy efficiency, and helping to reduce Ontario's greenhouse gas emissions. In the event of a power outage the CHP system will further provide standby power to the community center. The 2G packaged system was selected by the City of Guelph for its outstanding quality and unique design features that include  2G optimization, high efficiency gas engine technology, factory designed, packaged and tested CHP module, fully integrated heat recovery system, integrated fresh and waste oil storage system, oversized, sound attenuated enclosure module, and ease of integration with the existing building systems. The CHP system was supplied 100% containerized and thereafter the City of Guelph decided to construct a building around it.


    Additional Details

    • Total Electrical Power
    • Module
      patruus 400
    • Configuration
      Container Module
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    • West End Community Centre (WECC)
    • West End Community Centre (WECC)
    • West End Community Centre (WECC)
    • West End Community Centre (WECC)
    • West End Community Centre (WECC)