ZWE Monterey

    • Fuel Type Biogas
    • Application Organic Waste
    • kW Production 100 kW
    • Location Marina, CA, USA

    About This Project

    Unlike many other individually designed small anaerobic digesters, this plant operator's digester is compact, quickly constructed, proven, and efficient. Utilizing SmartFerm© technology developed in Germany, the plant is semi-mobile, space efficient, requires only 3,000 square feet of space, and is self-heating using natural biological processes and recirculation of liquid moving throughout the waste material. Additionally, the system can be functional within 20 days and can be expanded / scaled to process up to 30,000 tons per year, making it attractive for use in urban areas. The new AD plant in the city of Monterey California is equipped to process up to 5,000 tons of waste per year, generating 100 ekWh of electricity with a biogas that contains 58-60% methane. 2G Energy Inc. was chosen to supply the biogas CHP cogeneration equipment, including a containerized 2G filius 106 with MAN engine, optimized for the most efficient operation in biogas configuration. Being on the forefront of converting biogas into energy is nothing new for the 2G Group. With more than 5,000 CHP plants manufactured and installed, 2G is an unmatched leader for this specific technology. With the addition of the SmartFerm© plant, the Waste Management District sells the energy to the Monterey Regional Water Pollution Control Agency. 2G also supplied the complete gas treatment, including cooler, dryer / dehumidification including re-heating, and the H2S removal system. The controls and switchgear, including utility interconnection are also part of 2G Energy Inc.'s capabilities. Furthermore, we supplied and installed a fully enclosed flare specifically designed for biogas applications. 2G's flare systems, vapor combustors, and solutions meet EPA regulation 40 CFR 60.18 and are BACT approved.


    Additional Details

    • Total Electrical Power
    • Module
      filius 106
    • Extras
      Biogas treatment
    • Configuration
      Container Module
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