Rockingham County

    • Fuel Type Biogas
    • Application Landfill
    • kW Production 800 kW
    • Location Madison, NC, USA

    About This Project

    The Rockingham County Solid Waste Management Division in North Carolina selected 2G Energy Inc. to manufacture, supply, and to install a modular 800 ekW/h LFG to Energy Conversion System for their Landfill Gas to Energy Project. Until recently the Rockingham County Landfill flared off the available methane gas. With the 2G CHP plant, LFG gas will be used for the generation of Electricity and Thermal Energy. The scope of supply from 2G Energy Inc. included a fully containerized 2G avus 800 with fully integrated MWM gas engine having an Electrical Power rating of 800 ekW/h or 6,640 MW p.a., and a Thermal Power capacity of 921 kWh/th. 2G Energy Inc. also supplied a gas treatment system with cooler / dryer /dehumidification, and re-heating system, as well as the Siloxane filtration technology. Raw LFG at the well outlet usually has a very high water vapor content (between 30 to 100g water per m³ gas, equal to 1.06 to 3.53 ounce per 35 ft³), depending on the ambient temperature. That's approx. 270,000 liter (72,000 gallon) water per year, equal to approx. two standard size swimming pools. During wintertime, at lower temperatures, the water vapor can easily condense inside the gas pipeline leading to the CHP. This condensate in combination with Siloxane and / or H2S, can cause accelerated corrosion. Further, condensate in the intake section automatically reduces engine efficiency. It also significantly reduces the effectiveness of gas filter systems. The 2G gas treatment system is designed to eliminate those problems. This 2G CHP module and all components are housed in a 40' fully sound attenuated container, which reduces the noise down to <65 dbA in standard configuration. After the plant owner has used portions of the generated electricity to serve the entire Landfill and all its adjacent facilities, the remaining surplus power is exported and sold to the utility grid.


    Additional Details

    • Total Electrical Power
    • Module
      avus 800
    • Configuration
      Container Module
    • Extras
      Biogas Treatment System
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