Eden Resort

    • Fuel Type Natural Gas
    • Application Hotels & Resorts
    • kW Production 400 kW
    • Location Lancaster, PA, USA

    About This Project

    Energy expenses are the second largest cost center; personnel costs are the largest in the hotel hospitality industry. Fortunately, energy represents one of the controllable cost elements by applying energy-efficient, cost-saving, and environmentally friendly CHP systems and simultaneously boosting a hotel's image.

    CHP (combined heat & power) systems greatly benefit hotel owners and operators. Thermal energy generated by the CHP can be utilized to provide space heat and domestic hot water, can be used to heat pools, and serve chillers for cooling applications. It significantly reduces the need to use existing boilers, especially during summer. Further, the hotel's carbon footprint and CO2 emissions are considerably reduced. Electricity is generated at a much lower cost, and demand charges are often completely eliminated.

    Eden Resort & Suites in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, a 301-room hotel and conference center, asked Sophance to perform an energy study based on the hotel's current and future energy needs, attempting to reduce the hotel's rising energy costs. Sophance is an energy consulting and project development company focused primarily on clients in need of increasing energy efficiency through smart on-site distributed energy solutions. Based on the energy study results, a CHP system has been selected to reduce costs and to become more energy independent. 2G Energy Inc. received the order to manufacture and supply a 2G patruus rated 400 ekW/h with a yearly capacity of 3,320 MWh electrical output and 15,756 mmBTU thermal energy generation. This fully-containerized CHP system was supplied in High-Line Configuration for more pleasing optics and with a reduced noise level of <50 dB(A) @ 30', to ensure a very quiet ambiance around the hotel. The High-Line CHP Module was delivered in the hotel's color and skillfully integrated into the existing resort infrastructure, considering hotel guest experience and limitations on space. The hotel is now enjoying significant cost savings, and this project demonstrates how easy it is for hotel owners to reduce their energy expenses.

    Additional Details

    • Total Elctrical Power
    • Module
      patruus 400
    • Configuration
      Super Silent Highline Container
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