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Energy produced by 2G worldwide:


    Smart & Reliable Energy Solutions with Combined Heat & Power

    2G provides a wide range of highly efficient, low emission cogeneration systems. Our CHP systems power thousands of diverse applications worldwide. Join the energy revolution!

    • Save Money

      Industry leading efficiencies. That means you can cut your energy cost by 40% and focus on what's really important.

    • Be Independent

      Energy prices are increasing. Be your own energy supplier and take back control over your energy cost.

    • Increase Reliability

      Power outages are threatening your business success. Our systems provide reliable power independent of weather and time.

    • Be Sustainable

      Meet highest environmental standards. Lower CO2 emissions by 60%.

    2G Energy CHP Solutions

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    50 kW

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    50 to 64 kW

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    100 to 150 kW

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    80 to 450 kW

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    550 to 2,000 kW

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    Texas Wesleyan University
    Featured Project

    Texas Wesleyan University

    Texas Wesleyan University launched a $6.2 Million energy-saving project in 2015. The centerpiece of this project is 2G Energy's avus 800, a CHP that provides power to much of the campus spanning 83 acres.

    The natural gas powered CHP plant supplies 80% of power to 80% of campus, while reducing the u…

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