Pharmaceutical Facility in Puerto Rico

About This Project

This site, residing in Manatí, Puerto Rico is utilizing two - avus 1,000b units that have an output of 1142kWe each, and include the 2G master PLC (MPLC) for load sharing and future control capabilities such as HRSG, for optimum efficiency and resiliency. These systems utilize LNG as fuel, eliminating the need for diesel, ultimately reducing the companies’ carbon footprint. 

This specific site also includes a technician enclosure allowing for maintenance items and repairs (if needed), to be taken care of conveniently. This addition features storage for new oil, used oil, and glycol with an active pump to transfer fluids, thereby reducing maintenance. The enclosure is climate controlled and is equipped with a workbench, storage space, and provides the servicing technician to have a space for performing system updates, maintenance necessities, and servicing protocols.

Each of these systems has a feature that allows it to be monitored and controlled off-site and through the platform, where technical, administrative, commercial processes, data, and reports, which are smartly linked for the clients and project stakeholders. 

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