Magna International Inc.

    • Fuel Type Natural Gas
    • Application Automotive
    • kW Production 800 kW
    • Location St Thomas, Ontario, Canada

    About This Project

    The industrial conglomerate MAGNA, a manufacturing giant employing more than 200,000, strives for an ethical and responsible performance in all aspects of their business. Innovation is MAGNA's core business. Doing so, delivering smart, best-in-class experience, using clean, efficient and sustainable energy solutions, and safe performance is crucial. As a leading global automotive supplier, MAGNA always focuses on delivering superior value through innovative processes and world class manufacturing. Instead of a conventional design-build, or site-build process, the company decided for a fully containerized CHP system. 2G Energy Inc. received an order for a 2G avus 800 natural gas CHP module to be installed at FORMET Industries, a 100% MAGNA subsidiary. The custom and purpose built CHP system will significantly reduce energy costs, as well as eliminating technical risks during quick installation and start-up.

    MAGNA Industries benefit from the integrated and fully containerized package by achieving a much higher overall electrical and thermal efficiency of close to 90%, reliability, durability, extended life, and fast on-site installation with lower maintenance costs. The natural gas fueled CHP system will provide clean electricity and thermal energy to FORMET Industries, a manufacturer of truck frame assemblies using hydro-forming technology in Ontario, Canada.

    The 2G®-packaged system was selected by MAGNA for its outstanding quality and unique design features that include 2G® optimized, high efficiency gas engine technology, factory designed, packaged and tested CHP module, fully integrated heat recovery system, integrated fresh and waste oil storage system, a unique sound attenuated enclosure module, and ease of integration with the existing building systems.


    Additional Details

    • Total Electrical Power
    • Module
      avus 800
    • Configuration
      Container Module
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