Humboldt Aquatic Center

    • Fuel Type Natural Gas
    • Application Aquatic Center
    • kW Production 100 kW
    • Location Humboldt, Saskatoon, Canada

    About This Project

    The City of Humboldt in Saskatoon partnered with SaskPower, the regional utility company, for a demonstration project to test a CHP system at the Humboldt Aquatic Centre. The City of Humboldt Community and Leisure Services Department identified the aquatic center as a good candidate for a CHP system because of the facility's heating and thermal energy needs.

    The building has an indoor pool, in-floor heating, a hot tub and space heating, and requires a boiler to run 24 hours a day, 12 months a year to maintain operations. The objective is to significantly reducing the use of that boiler and to increase the facility's energy efficiency.

    But the benefits of this CHP technology go beyond cost savings. Greenhouse gas emissions and air pollutants are significantly reduced as well.

    The 2G CHP unit has been incorporated into the existing facility to supply electricity and heat. The 2G patruus 100 high-efficiency cogeneration module produces continuously 100 kW/h of electricity (830MW per year) and additional thermal energy, which will be delivered to the building in the form of hot water. The module is a complete solution including sophisticated CHP controls, heat recovery technology, advanced gas train, sound enclosure with space ventilation and special silencers.


    Click here to watch the video by SaskPower.


    Additional Details

    • Total Electrical Power
    • Module
      patruus 100
    • Configuration
      Inside Building Installation
    • Extras
      Sound Attenuation
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    • Humboldt  Aquatic Center
    • Humboldt  Aquatic Center