DariTech - Tillamook

    • Fuel Type Biogas
    • Application Dairy Farm
    • kW Production 1,200 kW
    • Location Tillamook, OR, USA

    About This Project

    The Port of Tillamook Bay (POTB), a 1,600-acre industrial park on the Oregon coast, ordered a complete $5.6 million manure anaerobic digester from DARITECH, including a highly efficient 1.2 MW 2G® avus biogas CHP system. The fully integrated prime mover of the CHP System is a 2G avus 1200 with an MWM core engine and a capacity of 1,200 ekW/h or 9,960 MW p.a. electrical power and 1,225 kWh of thermal power.

    In addition to the CHP unit, 2G Energy Inc. supplied the complete gas treatment, including a cooler, dryer/dehumidifier, and the H2S removal system. The customer selected the 2G thermal heat distribution system, including the hydronic junction. It assures that the CHP maintains optimum thermal performance in different load situations at any time. This advanced technology decouples the primary heating source circuit from the secondary consumer circuit. A consistent function is thereby achieved in all operating states. 2G THDAs provide the most energy-efficient heat transfer. The system also allows for tighter temperature control because of the infinite system's ability to regulate temperatures gradually.

    The new biogas facility designed and constructed by DARITECH replaces the smaller, plug-flow digester POTB has been using since 2003. The plant, situated within the foundation of a former World War II blimp hangar, will process manure from the equivalent of 5,000 milking Holsteins from Tillamook community dairies. Manure will be delivered in tanker trucks, and treated effluent will be returned to the dairies for agricultural applications. No substrates will be digested with the manure. The new system has three 1-million-gallon insulated tanks — two for digestion and a third for "finishing" the effluent. There are also two 250,000-gallon storage tanks, one for receiving manure and the other for off-loading back to the farms bringing manure to POTB. This modern biogas plant will provide electricity to the Tillamook People's Utility District. POTB plans to sell the fiber by-product to nurseries and other horticultural users across the Pacific Northwest and northern California.

    Additional Details

    • Total Electrical Power
    • Module
      avus 1200
    • Configuration
      Container Module
    • Extras
      Biogas Treatment System
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    • DariTech - Tillamook
    • DariTech - Tillamook
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