City of San Luis Obispo

    • Fuel Type Biogas
    • Application Wastewater Treatment Plant
    • kW Production 150 kW
    • Location San Luis Obispo, CA, USA

    About This Project

    A $9.5 million upgrade to the San Luis Obispo wastewater treatment plant was initiated in early 2014 to make the plant more energy efficient and ultimately reduce its carbon footprint. The plant on Prado Road, now named the Water Resource Recovery Facility, treats 1.7 billion gallons of sewage from the city, Cal Poly and the county airport annually.

    The electricity needed to power the plant costs approximately $450,000 a year. The city will reduce that cost by about $157,000 in energy efficiency savings. The upgrade will also save $168,000 in maintenance costs. The city partnered with the utility PG&E to facilitate the upgrades through a program that uses projected operational savings to finance the upgrades.

    The project will eliminate the release of methane gas, a byproduct of treating solid sewage, by installing a proven CHP system to convert the gas back into electricity. The City of SLO tried micro turbines and experienced significant problems. Finally the decision was made to replace the unsuitable and extremely inefficient turbines with a professionally designed biogas CHP system. 2G Energy Inc. was chosen to supply the biogas CHP equipment because of reputation, experience, and last but not least the most competitive offer.

    The scope of supply consists of a containerized 2G filius 206 with MAN engine, optimized for most efficient operation in biogas configuration generating Electrical Power of up to 1,245 MW per year, and approx. 193 kWh/th of Thermal Power. 2G also supplied the complete control and switchgear package, including utility interconnection. Further 2G Energy Inc. received the order to supply a complete biogas treatment system together with its CHP system.


    Additional Details

    • Total Electrical Power
    • Module
      filius 206
    • Configuration
      Container Module
    • Extras
      Biogas Treatment System
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    • City of San Luis Obispo
    • City of San Luis Obispo
    • City of San Luis Obispo
    • City of San Luis Obispo
    • City of San Luis Obispo