Built for big tasks.
avus 300 - 1,555 kW

The avus is a highly-efficient 2G power plant for high electrical power consumption that is used in larger industrial projects or for supplying microgrids. 

The modular built systems include all components and are easy to install. 

  • Interconnection of multiple units allows for higher electrical output. A Master Control system enables synchronization and load sharing up to 5 modules. 
  • Efficient running mode and operation times due to excellent engine quality. 


Technical Details


Type Output Efficiency
  electrical thermal electrical thermal total
agenitor 412 300 kW 1,163 MBTU 37.5 % 42.6 % 80.1 %
avus 600c 372 kW 1,695 MBTU 37.2 % 50.6 % 87.8 %
avus 800c 498 kW 2,224 MBTU 37.3 % 50.9 % 88.2 %
avus 1200c 996 kW 3,681 MBTU 41.3 % 44.8 % 86.1 %
avus 1500c 1,255 kW 4,749 MBTU 40.7 % 45.2 % 85.9 %
avus 2000c 1,555 kW 5,797 MBTU 41.0 % 44.8 % 85.8 %
g-box 50 - 60 kW

The g-box is 2G’s profitable small power plant with an electrical output of up to 60 kW. The connection-ready module includes a control cabinet with PLC controller. While the powerful unit works extremely efficient, the low noise output makes it suitable for various applications like hotels, offices or residential buildings.

  • Connection-ready for easy integration
  • Compact design requires minimal space for installation
  • Super-silent and fully enclosed compact module (max 55 dB(A) at a distance of 3 ft)
  • Very economical – highest thermal efficiencies through condensing technology
  • Completely water-cooled – no need for costly installation of air ducts
  • High availability, reliability and low-maintenance
  • Island mode/black start capable
  • Runs on Natural Gas and now Propane as well

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Technical Details

Containerized Solutions

2G power plants can be installed in various ways – depending on local conditions and the requirements for sound insulation. They can therefore be incorporated in existing buildings or heating systems or can be set up separately in a container or engine room. With the appropriate sound insulation package, noise emission can be as low as 35 dB (A) at a distance of 10 m.

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