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Manufactured in the U.S. - Engineered in Germany

2G cogeneration systems are a modular, all-in-one solution for your facility. Their “connection ready” design allows fast and cost-effective installation with no need for upfront engineering.


Our 2G engine technology offers industry leading efficiency that is continuously improving through partnerships with prestigious universities, research Institutes and 2G’s own research and development company, 2G Drives. Each system leaves our facility with a full factory evaluation and is installed and commissioned by our project managers.

Solutions that fit your needs

Not every facility is the same. We provide custom solutions to meet requirements of your facility. 

As a solution provider we deliver a complete package and integrate additional components, such as absorption chillers, gas treatment, production of steam and hot water and emission control systems, into the system for you.

2G CHP systems can regulate their output within a very short time frame. They are infinitely adjustable in the power range between 50 and 100 percent load. With the help of modern control technology, they adjust to your actual energy demand.


 Customize your system

  • Cooling with heat – Integration of absorption chillers
  • Raising the temperature – Incorporated steam, hot water or thermal oil
  • Storing heat for later use – implementation of heat storage solutions
  • Treating exhaust gas -  SCR  for lowest emissions
  • Biogas treatment – upgraded biogas through filters and gas cooling systems

Extremely versatile & quiet

2G power systems can be installed in various ways – depending on local conditions and sound attenuation and aesthetics requirements. They can be incorporated in existing buildings, heating systems or can be set up in a container or engine room. With the appropriate sound attenuation package, noise emissions can be as low as 35dB (A) at a distance of 33 feet.


Innovative container solutions

  • Containerized or inside building installation
  • Lowest noise emissions
  • Aesthetic container solutions, with custom color

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