Rockford Construction - Lowell

    • Fuel Type Biogas
    • Application Wastewater Treatment Plant
    • kW Production 800 kW
    • Location Lowell, MI, USA

    About This Project

    This $6 million anaerobic digestion facility will generate 800 kilowatts of affordable and renewable energy for Lowell Light and Power, the city-owned electrical utility. This project was designed and is managed by Sustainable Partners LLC (Spart). 

    The new plant will use an anaerobic digester made by enco2 in Germany to convert the organic waste materials into methane gas.

    Spart selected 2G Energy Inc. to manufacture, supply, and to install a modular 800 ekW/h Biogas to Energy Conversion System for their project. The scope of supply from 2G Energy Inc. included a containerized 2G avus 800 with fully integrated MWM gas engine having an Electrical Power rating of 800 ekW/h or 6,640 MW p.a., and a Thermal Power capacity of 921 kWh/th. Selecting a complete containerized CHP system to be positioned inside the building was a much more cost-effective and economical solution compared to the initial idea to install an open genset-type engine and then to custom build an on-site CHP system with engine room. The modular container solution is always much cheaper. 2G Energy Inc. also supplied a gas compression system, the thermal distribution, as well as the entire control and utility grid interconnection switchgear technology.


    Additional Details

    • Total Electrical Power
    • Module
      avus 800
    • Configuration
      Conatainer Module
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    • Rockford Construction - Lowell
    • Rockford Construction - Lowell
    • Rockford Construction - Lowell
    • Rockford Construction - Lowell
    • Rockford Construction - Lowell