Combined Heat & Power for Greenhouses

You can use CHP cogeneration in your greenhouse to provide heat, cooling, CO2 fertilization, and electricity. 2G Energy Inc.'s highly efficient gas engines can provide you with the resources you need to become more efficient, cost-effective, and resilient in your greenhouse operations. With over 7,500 CHP Systems installed worldwide, 2G is your CHP expert and complete solutions provider for all of your combined heat and power needs. 



Our gas engines offer the power needed for you to provide energy or lighting in your greenhouse operation, or export to the grid. 



In a cogeneration setup, you recover useful heat to be used for hot water. 



Carbon dioxide is released in the exhaust gases as a by-product of combustion of the fuel gas. This can then be scrubbed and used to further plant growth. 




Total system efficiencies between 80-90%




Cost Savings

High efficiency and reduction of output from other sources results in the lowering of your costs to produce. 



Full Integration 

Our CHP system can be fully integrated into your existing greenhouse system using master controller to streamline your processes. 


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