Hydrogen for Clean CHP Systems

Energy Supply of the future: Zero Carbon Emissions

2G Energy's engines can be retrofitted to run on hydrogen on-site.
Run on Natural Gas now and convert to hydrogen in the future!


The Future of Technology Ready Now

Hydrogen is considered an important part of the solution to reducing carbon emissions 

2G's CHP units use hydrogen as a climate-neutral fuel in order to convert it back into electricity - and also heat or cold - in a highly efficient, economically attractive and profoundly environmentally friendly way. 

2G Energy's agenitor engine line is highly adaptable

With our agenitor engines, 2G has succeeded in adapting a tried and tested, highly efficient natural gas CHP system so that it can use pure hydrogen in an economically friendly and reliable way for the decentralized generation of electricity and heat. 

• 100% green hydrogen (H2) as a climate-neutral fuel for combined heat and power
• Highly efficient, field-tested natural gas engines from the agenitor product line are the backbone of our hydrogen CHP lineup
• Wide range of gas types from pure hydrogen to variable gas mixtures with natural gas or lean gases
• Hydrogen engine CHP is more robust and cheaper than fuel cells
• Delivery as a ready-to-connect container solution possible

Hydrogen CHP Project Options:

• Run on 100% hydrogen
• Use a blend of up to 40% hydrogen gas
• Install Natural Gas CHP today and convert to hydrogen in the future


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