How CHP Can Help You

2G - The Future of Energy

With 2G Energy's containerized plug and play CHP system's you can save on energy costs and have reliable power.

Wouldn’t it be nice to save on energy costs and have reliable power even when the grid falls out? Some of 2G Energy's customers, who are large energy users, have saved 100s of 1000s of dollars a year when they made the switch. While also remaining operational during blackouts.

With 2G Energy's containerized plug and play CHP systems this is easily achieved. 2G Energy is revolutionizing the energy world by harnessing environmentally friendly and efficient energy. 2G Energy offers natural gas use upon installation that can later be easily switched to hydrogen energy, which is carbon neutral. Hydrogen energy is revolutionary in the fight to save the planet while offering reliable and efficient energy. While utilizing natural gas energy, 2G Energy is also working on bringing tomorrow’s energy into today’s world.

Traditional energy systems only harness 38% of the energy they produce, which wastes energy and money. 2G Energy harnesses 87% of the energy the 2G CHP systems produces by using combined heat and power energy.

So what exactly is a CHP system?

Combined heat and power (CHP) is an efficient and clean way of generating electric power and thermal energy from a single fuel source. The engine drives the generator, producing electricity, and the residual heat created during this process is recaptured and turned into useful heat. 

Two types of waste heat are produced by generating electricity. The first type is the heat that is recovered from the engine jacket water that is cooling the engine. Secondly heat from the exhaust gas is transferred via heat exchanger. This captured waste heat now can be used for heating, cooling or generating steam.

Hospitals, manufacturing plants, hotels, and many other industries can benefit from using a CHP system. During outages, the CHP systems, in island mode, are extremely resilient and remain on and working. This is crucial for some industries like hospitals or hotels or even farms that need 24/7 constant access to reliable energy. Industries that use a lot of energy also save money by using CHP systems while bettering the environment. 

CHP systems can be employed over a wide range of sizes, applications, fuels and technologies. 

Combined Heat and Power systems are becoming increasingly important in the energy sector’s transformation to a decentralized, stable and sustainable power grid. And 2G Energy is leading the way with the world's first  100% hydrogen CHP system. 





Primary Advantages of Cogeneration

  • Substantial energy cost savings
  • Fast Return on Investment
  • Independence from rising energy prices
  • Eases long term forecasts of energy budgets
  • Full cost control
  • Highest reliability and efficiency
  • Stable operation in case of power outages within the utility grid
  • Converting to Hydrogen in the future is simple
  • Fulfills highest environmental standards
  • Sustainable energy investment
  • Compliance with governmental carbon emission regulations

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