August 19, 2020

2G Energy Expands aura Model Series With Two New Powerful Engines

The aura model series now has a performance range of 100-420 kW with very low NOx emissions.

2G Energy (, a global leader in the manufacturing of combined heat and power systems, announces the introduction of two additional aura engines to the already established low-emission natural gas engine line. The two new engines,  are unique to the market in efficiency, performance and lifecycle costs. The aura 408 and aura 412 extend the electrical output of the aura series from what was previously a maximum of 170 kW to what is now 420 kW. The total efficiencies of the new engine models now exceed 95%.

The innovation involved in the development of the new aura engines doesn’t stop with outputs and efficiencies though. 2G Energy’s Lambda-1 technology included in the aura engine series makes for particularly low emissions, with Nox values below 9 ppm – very low for lean burn engines, and eliminates the need for SCR, which can often be cost prohibitive for CHP projects.

The motivation for the development of these new engines came from international markets with strict emissions requirements. This growth in the aura engine line will allow 2G Energy to have more competitive offerings for metropolitan areas with strict emissions regulations, while remaining competitive on cost.

In developing the aura series, 2G has an advantage over new developments from the competition since the company has launched more than 500 units and over 6 million operating hours. Since its introduction in 2011, the agenitor series has the greatest operational experience in using the latest engine technology in Europe. The agenitor series is the long-standing core segment of 2G's engine development which the aura series is based upon. Both the agenitor and aura series engines are hydrogen ready, which means they both can run on 100% hydrogen as the market expands and hydrogen becomes more readily available. Through these developments, 2G Energy remains at the forefront of research and development and is positioned as the forerunner in the energy transition as global energy needs change.


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