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When it comes to living a healthy and green lifestyle, natural food stores have the formula down. They invest in products and practices that represent the quality they pride themselves on. Some of these include supporting humane livestock practices, processing organic natural food, and giving back to the local community. Through their responsible treatment of the environment, they continue this trend of exceeding standards.

Having won the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Green Award in the past and consistently ranking in the “Top 25 Green Power Partners” demonstrates the importance this newest 2G® Cogeneration user places on keeping the environment clean. To continue reducing carbon emissions and promoting sustainability, as well as reducing their energy costs quite significantly, this leading natural foods distributor decided to utilize clean energy generated with 2G's CHP systems for one of their stores in California. Additional installations are planned, helping to power their stores with efficient heat, chilled water and cheap electricity.

For this project, the 2G High-Line container module was selected to conserve space, to achieve best possible visual appeal, and further reduce sound levels. The cogeneration system is equipped with a hot ambient technology package eliminating temperature related de-rate. An absorption chiller with cooling tower is fully integrated into the cogeneration system design consisting of 2 x 160kW/h (320kW/h) rich burn cogeneration modules including advanced emissions control technology. Both units incl. the 50 ton chiller and cooling tower are within the 2G Energy Inc. scope of supply, as well as
all controls and switch gear.

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