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Clovermead Farms is a family dairy farm which has about 150 cows, and 475 acres of corn, alfalfa, and mixed grains. Clovermead installed a 1,500 m3 anaerobic digester with the help of Stonecrest Engineering. Manure and other organic materials are fed into the anaerobic digester, which supplies fuel for the 2G agenitor 306 - a 250 kWh biogas CHP system. With two digesters able to produce 500 kW/h, and a FIT contract for 250 kW/h, the operator has excess biogas and was considering many options before choosing 2G's CHP system. 

At Clovermead Farms 2G also supplied the gas treatment technology. A cost- effective solution especially designed for this type of application. The sophisticated 2G GEM (General Engine Management) and PLC system is easy to handle and provides the operator with 24/7 monitoring 365 days a year.

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