August 6, 2015

2G Energy AG: Company continues the consistent implementation of US market strategy. Production company 2G Manufacturing Inc. renamed as 2G Energy Inc.

• 2G Energy Inc. takes over all functions and tasks in US business: production, sales and service available immediately on one-stop-shop basis
• 2G thereby benefits from Group synergy effects and gains greater impact on this very important market

Heek, August 6, 2015 – 2G Energy AG (ISIN DE000A0HL8N9), one of the leading German manufacturers of combined heat and power (CHP) systems, has implemented further steps to strengthen its presence on the US market, as announced.


The wholly-owned subsidiary 2G Manufacturing Inc., headquartered in St. Augustine, is now operating un-der the new corporate name of 2G Energy Inc. All sales, production and service activities – including those of a further subsidiary 2G Cenergy Inc. – are being bundled within this entity. This concentration now ena-bles 2G Energy Inc. to offer its customers all services on a one-stop-shop basis, and to profile itself on an enhanced basis as an integral unit on the US market.

The Management Board of 2G Energy AG is of the view that this approach signifies a consistent implemen-tation of its strategy – following the complete takeover of 2G Cenergy Inc. that was realized at the start of 2015 – of restructuring its profile on the American market, and of expanding the company’s sales base. This focusing of all tasks and responsibilities within one company not only boosts the company's strength and impact, but also results in expected synergies from the aggregation of the various corporate areas, thereby exerting a positive effect on profitability.

According to planning at 2G Energy AG, the US market should develop in the medium term into the largest international sales market for CHP systems outside Germany. Considerable catch-up demand with regard to climate and environment issues and topics exists in the USA, for instance. For this reason, Barrack Obama's recently presented "Clean Power Plan" also targets a significant reduction in CO2 emissions from coal power plants, which currently generate 39 % of electricity in the USA. CO2 emissions from such power plants are to be reduced by 32 % by 2030. This project would result in the most stringent climate protection regulations in the USA to date, feeding through to a further considerable increase in the potential for the deployment of combined heat and power.



2G company portrait
2G Energy AG ranks among the world's leading manufacturers of cogeneration (CHP) systems for decentralised energy pro-duction and supply by means of combined heat and power. The company's product portfolio includes systems with an elec-tric capacity between 20 kW and 4,000 kW for operation with natural gas, biogas, biomethane and other lean gases. 2G has successfully installed several thousand CHP systems in 35 countries to date. Especially in the 50 kW to 550 kW performance range, 2G possesses proprietary technological combustion engine concepts characterised by low specific fuel consumptions, high operational availability and optimised service intervals. Besides the main production site at the Group headquarters in Heek, Germany, the company has invested in an additional production and sales & service site in St. Augustine, Florida, USA. 2G's customers range from agricultural and industrial operations, local authorities, and the residential sector through to municipal utilities and large-scale utilities. The high level of customer satisfaction is founded on a dense service network as well as 2G power stations' high technical quality and performance. These power stations achieve an overall degree of effi-ciency from 85 percent and to well above 90 percent thanks to combined heat and power performance.
Along with the construction of combined heat and power stations, the company, located in Westphalia in the north-west of Germany, offers integrated solutions spanning the planning stage and installation through to service and maintenance work. In the context of the energy policy revolution, and as part of modern energy supply concepts, CHP systems are gaining considerably in importance in intelligent energy grid systems – so-called virtual power plants – due to their decentralised and scalable operation, and predictable availability.
2G is consistently expanding its technology leadership through continuous research and development work, both in gas engine technology for natural gas, biogas and synthetic gas applications (e.g. hydrogen), as well as in specific software de-velopment. The "virtual power plant" operating type has been created with a software solution, for example. Overall, the 2G system is thereby operated on a basis that is "heating-managed and electricity-oriented" in order to significantly simplify integration within a grid group. In the energy policy revolution's future electricity market design, such digitalisation-enabled flexibility forms an indispensable system-relevant element in combination with solar, wind, biogas and natural gas produc-ers, and creates a high barrier to market entry for competitors.
The shares of 2G Energy (ISIN DE000A0HL8N9) have been listed in the Entry Standard of Deutsche Börse AG since July 31, 2007. The share capital amounts to EUR 4,430,000, and is divided into 4,430,000 shares. The company's founders held 56.1 % of the shares as of December 31, 2014, with the free float amounting to 43.9 %.
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